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Ottawa Street The Garment District

Area and Real Estate

ottawa street bianca marijan


My parents immigrated to Hamilton in the 70's, a wave of young working class families fleeing various restricting regimes in Eastern Europe. We settled in our first house in the Ottawa Street Neighbourhood, a massive duplex with two-2 bedroom units, each with a dining room and a living room.

 Ottawa Street was the place where everyone went to shop, eat, socialize, to see and be seen.

It was full of ethnic delis, garment shops, travel agencies taking people back to the old country for vacations, newspaper stands, banks that actually provided customer service (yes kids, it was long ago and far away) and merchants that knew your name or maybe even your mother tongue.

first tim hortons on ottawa street



Tim Horton, a hockey player for anyone who just landed from Mars, and Ron Joyce, whose autobiography "Always Fresh" really took me back to my childhood, opened the first Tim Hortons in Canada on the corner of Ottawa and Campbell opened in May 1964.

My father was offered a franchise some years later and I do remember he thought it was the most ludicrous idea he had ever heard. "Who in their right mind was going to pay for a cup of coffee when they can have one at home for free"


Properties for sale in the Ottawa Street Neighbourhood


Ottawa Street's demise started with the "let's go to the mall" culture of the 80's and 90's but it's comeback has been remarkable. Guided by the local BIA it has revamped, re branded and reinvented itself as a neighbourhood/community street.


Commerical Real Estate for Sale on Ottawa Street


farmers' market on ottawa street


The Ottawa Street Farmer's Market selling local produce, has relocated to one of the back lots of Ottawa

Street, after the construction of the "Center Mall" the

architectual travesty of box stores and pedestrian

unfriendly speedway layout.

Local farmers selling local produce, grown within an hours



Stores on Ottawa Street


Earls Court Gallery has relocated from Locke Street some years ago and seems to be thriving. ottawa street district real estate


Dunav Meat and Deli is owned by a friend of my dad's and a very generous contributor to various charities. This shop is a carnivore's dream come true. Located at #201, don't miss it on your stroll.


Adenda, an antique shop is owned by a friend of mine Vlado. Vlado used to throw the most amazing eccentric parties ever, back in the day when I could actually stay up past eleven. His colorful resume includes a shop in Yorkdale, a re decoration of Estee Lauders apartment and a lot of film work.

If you're lucky, you may find a fainting couch or an armoir used on a major film production waiting just for you


A craving for Italian?

Limoncello Ottawa Street



Limoncello You can't miss it, is a beautiful restaurant with great food and great service. I have snuck away from the grind to enjoy a White Russian, or two, on the quaint patio on several occasions.






Ottawa Street Merchant Directory

ottawa street bianca marijan



Ottawa Street Real Estate



Homes Range from as low as around $100,000 and push upwards of 200K North of Main Street and towards 250K on the South side.

This neighbourhood is up and coming and buying a home can mean a mortgage payment as low as 600 dollars a month.

Click link below to see properties for sale in the area, then call me to view!!!!





Properties for sale in the Ottawa Street Neighbourhood



The video is a glimpse into this beautiful neighbourhood




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