Relocating to Hamilton

Relocating to Hamilton Moving to Hamilton

Several years ago I started looking at condos in Palm Beach. It was a joint venture. My brother and sister and I would buy together, my parents would use the place in the winter and their needs were priorities. They needed to be on the water, close to some shopping, in a nice quiet building.

My sister refused to buy on a floor higher than the second, apparently her kids had never seen a balcony before.

My brother insisted there be  great access to beach and a nearby  bar he could sneak off to discretely.

Sister in-law wanted a gym.

Brother in-law wanted water views.

Needless to say, we wore out several poor Realtors in the area before we compromised, arm wrestled, tossed coins and finally bought something.

Relocating is complicated.

Relocating to Hamilton will be a piece of cake!

One needs time to assess the areas, schools, amenities, transportation, commute;  so many factors.

We now have an economic migration heading down the QEW en route to Hamilton.  We are half price real estate, state of the art medical facilities, fantastic university, job rates higher than Toronto, an easy GO commute from the new station, beautiful new urban condo projects in development, a fantastic art scene and a vibrant music community.

We are finally cool!!!

Weather it is Westdale, James North, Hamilton Mountain, Dundas, Hamilton Central, Aberdeen and Locke or Ancaster Hamilton is chalk full of lovely neighbourhoods suitable to your life style.

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If you are ready to take the plunge and move to a thriving community bursting with opportunities and life, give me a call.

After 26 years in the real estate business I am either very, very good or just on the dim side.

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