Gibson Neighbourhood

From Wentworth Street to Sherman Avenue and North of Main, this Hamilton’s Gibson neighbourhood has a huge mix of architectural styles, from beautiful Victorians to in-fill newer construction to post-war bungalows. A great entry-level neighbourhood, still offering reasonable house prices and amenities galore. Close to downtown, walkers paradise, plenty of public transportation and commuting accessibility. A lot of community and grassroots activism and neighbourhood organizations.

If you are in the market for commercial real estate, Barton Street, King Street, and Main Street are the places to buy. I certainly have. When we bought 793 Main Street East for City Brokerage offices, people thought we had lost my mind. In five years, King and Main Street East will be impossible to get into.

Keep an eye on the LRT and all the new businesses opening up on these routes. Also, the City Incentive Programs for Commercial Corridors applies here.

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