Decorating Your New Home

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One of the best parts of home ownership is decorating your new home. With the stress and excitement of buying your home behind you, its time to have some fun and start planning the interior of your new digs.

Styling your new home

Sometimes, it is best to spend some time in your new home to figure out how you want it to look and feel. Get the vibes where the sun comes up, how it lights your rooms in the morning and late afternoon. Pick themes. Moroccan? Swedish cool? Shabby chic? It’s all up to you.

Planning to decorate your new home

Plan and complete the process room by room to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Prioritize the rooms that will get the most use and traffic.  A vision board and floor plan design tool (check out the one at will help envision things.
The furniture and rug size charts below will help in planning how to best position your furniture. Interior designers I’ve worked with suggest shopping all over the place. Shop low and shop high. Mix and match. From Kijiji to high-end stores, your place should look put together and not like it was delivered in one truck from one place. There are plenty of great stores to buy home decor in Hamilton, Ottawa Street or Decor On A Dime(on Rymal Road) are excellent places to start. Or, if you feel like being thrifty you could try bartering on the Bunz Trading Zone Hamilton group on Facebook.

Take your time, find pieces that you love and suit your personal style, and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the process.