LRT Route Hamilton

LRT Route Hamilton

How to reduce vehicles, reduce traffic & reduce pollution? The LRT seems to answer to all those questions. Premier Kathleen Wynne announced Tuesday (May 26th) of a $1B plan to introduce a LRT Route spanning between McMaster University and Eastgate Square. The B-Line trip would make 16 street-stops before reaching its final destination in either direction.


Planners drew up a route that will go:

  • Main Street: From McMaster to the 403
  • King Street: 403 through downtown to King/Main
  • Main Street: Queenston Road to Eastgate Square (At first, the line will stretch only to Queenston Road)

Take a ride on the B-Line to see five key places along the route and some of their implications — good and bad, depending on how you look at it.

McMaster University

McMaster’s introduction to a new upper-level source of transit would be targeted at its 23,000 undergraduates and staff with two stops located by the hospital entrance and by Coote’s Drive. There would also be an influx of patients and staff at MAC’s healthcare centre boarding the LRT along with families visiting the Children’s Hospital.

King St East: International Village

The road would be closed to cars between Catharine St. and Wellington St. The plans call for redirecting traffic from westbound to eastbound between Catharine St. and Mary St. so people can drive into the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Effort Square parking structure.

King St & Main St

Past downtown, the line would continue on King St. E. until the delta at Main St. E., when it would switch over and follow Main and Queenston roads out to Eastgate.

The permanence of LRT is expected to inspire development along the corridor and could prove especially influential along the eastern portion of the line.


Eastgate Square

Tuesday’s announcement indicates that at first, the LRT line will go only part of the way to Eastgate. That would leave the eastern end of the city off of the economic uplift radar, at least for now.

Want to feel like you’re actually riding the rails? Watch a video of portions of the route: