Up and Coming Design Trends You’ll Want to Watch

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Up and Coming Design Trends You’ll Want to Watch

Trends come and go, but there are usually a few each year that tend to last. While you don’t necessarily want to jump on every trend that blows through, an eye for what’s new can revive your home or streamline your design to make your space more functional. We’ve listed a few worth watching. Who knows; one of them could the answer to your next design conundrum.

barnes.vanze.architects.inc.portfolio.interiors.library.family.room.design.detail 350x233 - Up and Coming Design Trends You'll Want to WatchLook Up for Unique Ceilings

Ceilings used to be little more than a place for a fan,
but today they’re being re-envisioned to make a statement.
Ceiling patterns can drastically change how a room feels.
Geometric, floral, and other decorative motifs have become
a unique way to unify or modernize an otherwise boring,
disjointed space. A pattern that extends across an open
floor plan brings the room together while furniture keeps
the specific areas separate. Unique ceilings allow you to
lead the eye to focal points or create movement while
leaving the traffic pattern of the room untouched.

colorful beanbags red green black 350x263 - Up and Coming Design Trends You'll Want to WatchGorgeous, Comfortable Floor Seating

Get out your beanbags because they’re back.
However, today’s floor seating options have
expanded and now lean towards sophisticated.
Poofs covered in luxurious leather or soft faux furs
look inviting while providing practical seating.
Some can double as side tables or footrests when
they’re not providing seating for a group gathering.

Caned Furniture5da4bcfe045a31220203eee3 350x263 - Up and Coming Design Trends You'll Want to Watch

Caned furniture has the natural warmth of wood,
but with a distinct relaxed look and appeal.
Traditionally used in warm climates where the cane
actually grows, designers now use this unique furniture
in new and unusual places to add a casual but refined appeal.
Look for seats outside the traditional square shape.
One-of-a-kind curves coupled with weaving seat patterns are practical, natural, and unique.

Blended Security

Security devices continue to grow in popularity and in their ability to integrate into daily living. Cameras should be mounted where they can move and change angles unobstructed with full access to WiFi. Integrating smart security systems and devices into a single hub controlled with a cell phone or voice-activated through a digital assistant makes running and maintaining the system easier.

Eco-Friendly, Mixed with Classics

Eco-friendly designs made with products like bamboo, teak, and cork are sustainable and durable. shutterstock 1060702478 889x592 1 350x233 - Up and Coming Design Trends You'll Want to Watch
They have the warmth of traditional woods yet bring a look that’s all their own. These materials may be new but they still look amazing next to more traditional design elements and materials like fireplaces and brick.

Nature-based themes are common in eco-friendly designs. Think large indoor plants that bring the outdoors to you. They draw the colour, scent, and shape of nature into your home. They’re often used alongside prints that reflect those shapes and colours, so you feel like you’re a part of a relaxing piece of nature rather than escaping from it.

Hybrid Homes: Rethinking Multi-Purpose Spacesmultifunctional spaces 350x197 - Up and Coming Design Trends You'll Want to Watch

Lives are less compartmentalized than they once were. People work and run businesses from their homes. Kitchens are no longer strictly utilitarian. Today, people want to relax and entertain in the same space they prepare a meal.
Designs that seamless move between these functions and look stylish while doing it will continue to grow in popularity. Just remember, an efficient use of space that’s attractive and functional will be in style for years to come.

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