Hamilton East Mountain Trail work underway

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Work underway on Hamilton East Mountain Trail!

Work on Phase 2 for a new 800 kilometre stretch of trail on Hamilton’s East Mountain has been underway since mid-August. It could potentially be finished by end of the year.

The Hamilton East Mountain Trail Loop is designed to be accessible and bring people through the beautiful nature within the city. The trail circles around the mountain from the Paramount Drive and Felker’s Falls area to the Red Hill Valley, and crosses the Red Hill Valley Parkway via a pedestrian bridge before looping back to the south of Highland Road West to the Eramosa Karst area.

Most of the east mountain trail loop has already been completed but the new area that is currently underway will take hikers through areas that were previously inaccessible.

The concept for this trail dates back to 2007. Two final sections of the trail are expected to be coming in the following years and built by the private sector as part of neighbourhood development.

Completion of the Hamilton East Mountain trail loop will depend on what type of weather we get this fall. Landscape and architectural services in the city’s public works department are aiming to get most of the work done before the ground freezes.  However, planting the grass and flowers for the area may have to wait until the spring.

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